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My friend Davey, his dad and I crossed this ridge in the White Mountains during our four-day hike there last week

As we carefully navigated down a narrow, craggy path — our bodies sopping wet and exhausted — my friend Davey’s dad asked the two of us what word best described our mountain hiking trip.

“Challenging,” I said.

“Extraordinary,” Davey offered.

But perhaps his dad captured it more eloquently than either of us:


Yes, our trip to New Hampshire last week included climbing thousands of feet of elevation and seeing more breathtaking views than I could count, but also lots and lots of rocks.

The three of us set out on the 14-hour drive to Gorham, N.H. for our four-day hike in part of the White Mountains called the Presidential Range last Saturday. It’s the first time I had ever hiked a mountain range, and the setting was not what I expected.

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A few weeks ago, my good friend Brian announced he was engaged. Shortly after, he and his new fiancé Debora asked if I could take their engagement photos, to which I happily obliged. Not only was I glad to help out a friend with the 100% close friends or relatives discount, but I was also seeking a bit of redemption.

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I stopped by Swan Creek Park on my drive home and met some trusting deer. Luckily, I had slung a camera over my shoulder just in case I saw anything during my walk along the snow-encrusted trails.

These guys let me get within about ten feet. They’d look up every time I shot a burst of frames, but other than that, they pretty much ignored me as I stepped off the trail closer to them.

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