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Brian and Debora’s Engagement Photos


A few weeks ago, my good friend Brian announced he was engaged. Shortly after, he and his new fiancé Debora asked if I could take their engagement photos, to which I happily obliged. Not only was I glad to help out a friend with the 100% close friends or relatives discount, but I was also seeking a bit of redemption.

This summer I had already taken photos at my brother’s wedding in Cancun, Mexico and a small ceremony for my cousin’s wedding in Toledo. They were OK, but, after a year serving as my college newspaper’s editor-in-chief, I hadn’t really had the chance to focus primarily on photography for more than a year. I felt a bit rusty this summer, and shooting these engagement photos was just what I needed to get back into practice.

We headed out to Wildwood Park in Toledo. It seemed like a good choice for photos like these because it offers a nice mix of natural and manmade settings.

Here are a few photos from the shoot (click the thumbnails for a larger popup):


  1. Sorry I haven’t had the chance to write you back yet, I’ve been stressing out like crazy thinking I might blow this last final and not pass nursing school. But I did take the time to look at all of them, and I love them. Thank yo so much, you’re amazing. I’ll be replying to your message and letting you know what I want sometime in the near future.

  2. Oh boy! I’m going to get all kinds of free meals!

    Debora: Glad you like them, and I hope your body is recovering from your finals ordeal.

  3. That works. I’ll burn a disc before I see you guys next, and we can get prints any time.

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