Cooking up an impromptu photo shoot

My girlfriend Alicia’s birthday was a few weeks ago. Among her gifts were some new clothes, a watch she had been wanting for a while, and several books on the topic of cooking — the last of which I feel compelled to point out is not entirely, or even predominantly, self serving. For reasons unknown, Alicia loves to cook. This comes in handy, as my culinary skills are pushed to the limits once I get to “stir thoroughly and microwave two more minutes.”

As a side dish to these birthday gifts, however, I also served Alicia with an impromptu photo shoot, previously a staple of our relationship. The recipe is simple enough: just two strobes, an umbrella, and one willing model. Cook for about 30 minutes, season with a little Photoshop, and serve on a blog.


Of course, portraits have never been my signature dish, and this wasn’t a particularly ambitious shoot, but it’s another baby step in my mission to re-familiarize myself with the photographic basics after what seems like a year of absence from the craft.

Click a thumbnail to see the full image (pressing right/left on the keyboard lets you move through photos):

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